Samantha Isabelle Beaumont (@PANTH13R, beaumont.io) is a Dive Master and Cyber Security Consultant whose goal in life is to learn what makes anything tick.

Her primary focus areas are Embedded Systems, Red Teaming and Network Penetration Testing - with secondary focus areas being Vulnerability Research, Architecture & Threat Modelling, and Digital Forensics.

In times recent, Samantha has been working extensively with Automotive, IoT, Biometrics and Financial Hardware, having conducted numerous assignments regarding testing components or building security frameworks, to training events for her clients.

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The easiest methods to contact Samantha are by E-Mail, Twitter or LinkedIn.

  • E-Mail E-Mail: hello@beaumont.io

Sam is happy to be contacted for research assistance, opportunities or general connections and networking discussions.


In her years in the InfoSec Industry, Samantha has worked with various specialties in several assignments with numerous technologies; the following table is a disclosable selection of her work:

Selection of Works

Name Description Year
Automotive Security Building a Specialist Testing Harness for OEMs 2018
Automotive Security Building Automotive Security Framework / Testing Harness for OEMs 2018
Infotainment Unit Testing Conducting Testing on Automotive / Vehicle Hardware Subcomponents 2018
ATMs Full-Scale testing on ATM systems 2017
Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Testing Wireless Penetration Testing via Software Defined Radio of Peripheral RF Equipment 2017
Wearable Devices Hardware disassembly and Reverse Engineering a wearable fitness tracker 2017
Enterprise Machines Network and Hardware Vulnerability Assessments on Office & Hospitality equipment 2016
Token Tagging Vulnerability Assessment on Entry Tagging Token Systems 2016